My approach

Today, my practice of psychotherapy is based on the person-centered approach (also called “Rogerian Psychotherapy” or “Humanistic Therapy”), which is a psychotherapy based on the idea that the person has the solutions and resources within him or herself to solve his or her problems. This approach was developed by the psychologist and researcher Carl Rogers who tried to define the framework of a therapeutic encounter where the emphasis is on the quality of the relationship between the listener and the listened. The basic premise is that “a human being is fundamentally a trustworthy organism” (A Personalist Manifesto, Carl Rogers, 1977). According to this current, each person is able to evaluate what is good for him or her, to understand him or herself and to make positive choices about him or herself when the conditions of the therapeutic relationship are facilitating.

“If I am able to create a relationship characterized, on my part, by transparent authenticity, by warmth of welcome and positive feelings about the things that make his or her personality different from mine, by an ability to see the client’s world and self as he or she sees it, Then the person with whom I have such a relationship, becomes able to see and understand for himself the aspects which he had, until then, refused to be aware of, evolves more and more towards the kind of person he wants to be, functions with increased ease and confidence”. Carl Rogers.

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